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...And we invite you to add your business information. You have two options:

We call these our 3Ls, because you can stand out from the crowd in your respective activity by adding LINES of descriptive text about you and your company or service, LINKS that connect clients directly to you by email or to your web site, and LOGO, meaning you can add your company brand, mark, logo, or visual and give your listing addition distinction. This costs a bit, but it affords you complete freedom and flexibility, and will make the difference between simply being seen and INCREASING YOUR REVENUES.

This is a free listing, and can be upgraded at any time to the ENRICHED LISTING.

Enriched Listing
For our special partners, we offer the Enriched Listing.

With a Enriched Listing, you may include the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Phone and Fax Numbers
  • Closest Metro Stations
  • Up to 50 words about your products and services
  • Plus: Your Company's Logo
  • Plus: Your Name and Contact Information
  • Plus: Hours of Operation
  • Plus: Web Site Address
  • Plus: Email Address

    THERE'S MORE. With an ENRICHED LISTING your information will be...

  • Immediately Available:
    All Enriched Listings are listed in the directory as soon as your information is submitted. No waiting period! A matter of seconds.
  • Preferential Placement at the Top of your Categories:
    All Enriched Listings are listed at the top of the categories you've chosen, ahead of the competition.
  • Updated Automatically:
    You may make changes and updates to your ENRICHED LISTING automatically at any time. No technician's or webmasters to call or wait for. You manage the updates yourself in an extremely easy and quick manner.

    COST: Enriched Listings are €10/month (or $0.00/month*), and are automatically invoiced to your billing address on a monthly basis once you register. You may cancel your subscription at any time. However, please note that no total or partial refunds are available. This means that you may decide to pay for an ENRICHED LISTING when you are offering promotions, specials, or are aggressively prospecting for new clients.

    (* Currently €1 = $0.00.)


    Basic Listing
    All users are invited to add their business listing to the Paris-Anglophone directory of businesses and services for FREE.

    With a free listing, you may include the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Phone and Fax Numbers
  • Closest Metro Stations
  • Ten words about your products and services

    Once you have submitted your listing to, we will review it for accuracy and post it on the site within two days. You will be notified by email once the listing has been reviewed and approved. You may upgrade the listing to an ENRICHED LISTING at any time.

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