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Paris Inside Out, 6th ed. NEW
"You´ll never be French but you can be Parisian!" Not to be confused with the glut of tourist guides to the French capital, Paris Inside Out offers you a true insider´s look at the city, its institutions and people. Packed with valuable tips and insights, Paris Inside Out is the most comprehensive guide for surviving and prospering in today´s Paris.

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If you are in need of some experienced professional advice on moving to France, setting up a business, getting legal, alternative means of working, etc., the author of PARIS INSIDE OUT, David Applefield, will consult with you by telephone.

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Paris-related Fiction

David Applefield's new novel, ON A FLYING FISH, swoops the reader away on a remarkable journey of language and creation, story and adventure. From Frankfurt to Paris to New York to the Caribbean, this is a novel for anyone who loves travel and values life of the imagination and its secret journey in the heart. Written with the skill of a master craftsman and shimmering with linguistic delights, On a Flying Fish is not be be missed!" -- Thomas E. Kennedy, International Editor, The Literary Review, author of Kerrigan's Copenhagen In this wildly imaginative display of storytelling, an obsessive book editor abandons the pressures of his professional life and seeks contemporary Bohemia in the uber-rational city of Frankfurt -- accompanied by his enigmatic girlfriend, their barkless basenji dog, and an unpublishable manuscript of questionable origin and multiple voices. What follows is a feisty head-on collision of fiction and reality.

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AKA (signed and numbered edition)
HISTORIC OFFER. "THE NEXT JOYCE" Lamore’s novel, written mostly in a working class suburb of Paris, and the product of 6 years of intense and wildly eclectic research ranging from African geo-politics to ornithology (Lamore's father is an expert on rare birds) has been compared to Anthony Burgess’s Clockwork Orange, Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow, and Danté’s Purgatory. AKA by Jean Lamore is one of the most innovative and thought-provoking novels to emerge so far in the 21st century. Set in Paris, New York, and diverse parts of Africa, AKA is a rambunctious romp through almost everything we know about both life and language. Both upsetting and amusing at once in the best sense of both words. The first 300 readers to purchase a copy will receive a numbered and signed copy from this historic first edition. PRE-ORDERS ARE BEING SHIPPED BY AIR MAIL NOW!

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